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Bee on a Daisy

All About Us

A Growing Community of Honey Bees

Hawk's Hollow Honey was founded in 1999 in Hunterdon County, NJ when a passion project among strongly eco-minded folks turned into a small business. We are a small crop farm located in the rural town of Alexandria.  We started our farming business by dedicating nearly all of acreage to agriculture.  After a few years, we began to notice all of the wonderful pollinators that were visiting our farm.  We started cultivating a variety of trees, native plants and flowering herbs at our farm (we literally have hundreds of varieties) to help sustain the visiting pollinators. 

We decided to to further promote these fine creatures by becoming beekeepers and establishing several honey bee hives at the farm.  Our buzzing community of bees and humans produces an impressive line of delicious quality products and we’re just getting started!

Our honey is healthy, locally-produced and pure. We are enchanted by the world of honey bees, and committed to raising awareness about the importance of this very special pollinator. 

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